Do you have a bathroom in your home that is used primarily by your children? You probably want to design the space to blend with your home’s overarching style aesthetic, but maybe your children would prefer the room to feature cartoon characters or big rubber duckies. There’s no need to fret! Consider these five timeless bathroom designs that both you and your little ones will love:

Nautical – Nautical themes capture the imagination of kids and adults alike with beautiful blues paired with stripes and other seaworthy accessories, such as anchors, stars, boats, whales and rope. This design transitions well as kids age, working just as great for a 2-year-old as it does for a 12-year-old. To achieve a nautical vibe, start with a palette of blues and match them with crisp, clean white. Finish with splashes of red or orange.

Up north – There’s something special about being a child and exploring the great outdoors. Bring the cabin feel to your home by designing your kids’ bathroom with an up-north theme. A plaid shower curtain, evergreen paint accents and wood accessories are enough to transform the space. Go on a hike and find branches with your kids that can be incorporated into the design. Small ones can be stacked or placed in a vase; a big one might make for the perfect towel rack!

Patterns – Sometimes all you need to transform a bathroom with eye-catching appeal for both young and old family members is the addition of pattern. For kids’ bathrooms, you can’t go wrong with chevron. Those uniform zig-zags are fun and sophisticated, adding just enough whimsy to the space. A chevron shower curtain is an easy upgrade, but another awesome option is adding chevron wallpaper to a focal wall, such as behind the mirror or above the tub.

Bold color and chrome – If you’ve always wanted to play around with color in your interior design, now you have the perfect excuse! Kids love colors, so brainstorm some lively options like vivid turquoise or grass green and incorporate them into the bathroom. Then, pair them with cool chrome accessories that will keep the space clutter-free, such as a toilet caddy or a towel stand.

Pretty pastels – If your little lady is begging you for a girly bathroom for her daily primping, think about redoing the space in pastels. It provides the perfect feminine touch without the princess overload. That doesn’t mean you have to stick to soft pinks, though, because mint greens and sunny yellows are ideal for the bathroom. Let her help pick out new towels and accessories, and she’ll feel like she had a say in the design process and will feel proud when the project is complete.